Make the world a better place with global leadership

I firmly believe you have the potential to become a global leader and make the world a better place, but how do you realize and maximize your potential? The key is shifting your attention and viewing the whole world objectively from many angles. Then, look back to Japan and carefully consider the distinctions; you’ll find Japanese values and way of life are very different to other countries, and vice versa. With this knowledge, envision your future, think deeply about what you need to do and put the ideas into action with global standards.

Enrolling in GIS is not the goal. Nor is a bachelor's degree the final degree. GIS is the next phase of your life and, if you spend your time wisely and effectively here in our diverse environment, you can look forward to a bright future. Our faculty’s wide-ranging, comprehensive academic knowledge and extensive real-world experiences are the solid foundation of our English-language liberal arts education. The curriculum will prepare you to play an active role in Japan and abroad with global leadership.

Follow us and we will take you to the next level. Welcome to GIS!
Takamasa FUKUOKA, Dean of GIS