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Costumes for Twelfth Night (2002)

One crucial factor in performing this play successfully is to make the fraternal twins, Viola (disguised as a boy named Cesario) and her brother, Sebastian, look remarkably similar to each other. This contributes greatly to the misidentification by the other characters at several key points in the play. Without the luxury of casting for look-alikes, or the time to spend on applying identical makeup, I thought the similarity could be most simply portrayed with a pair of matching vests. If you look closely at the two vests, however, you will see that they are not exactly the same, but mirror reflections of each other. In this play the swords came in handy, but for a comic duel scene. We also got a jester's costume for Feste.


Three-pointed man's crown with rubies

Duke Orsino

Purple brocade cape for royalty

Duke Orsino

Red and blue vest with heraldry pattern


Blue and red vest with heraldry pattern


Courtier's or gentleman's hat


Brown vest


Maid's outfit


Court fool's piebald outfit with matching jester's cap


Buffoon's wide-brimmed hat

Sir Tony Belch

Red wool hat

Sir Andrew Aguecheek

Rapiers and belts

Swords (Duke Orsino, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Sebastian)


Duke Orsino: If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die. (1.1.1-3)

Viola: O Time, thou must untangle this, not I;
It is too hard a knot for me to untie. (2.2.39-40)

Feste: Trip no further, pretty sweeting;
Journeys end in lovers meeting,
Every wise man's son doth know. (2.3.41-45)

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