GIS Dean’s Welcome Message

  • 2024年02月16日



産学連携組織GGLI(GIS Global Leadership Initiative)

海外大学院進学サポートGSAS(Graduate School Application Support)


Congratulations to all of you on gaining a place at our institution. GIS is an educational and research institution dedicated to fostering global leaders. We provide education based on global standards, conduct all classes in English in a small and diverse environment, and we have a focus on liberal arts education, personality development, the acquisition of extensive knowledge and fundamental expertise, and improving practical skills. In an increasingly globalized society, the development of abilities to compete with other countries is crucial. The labor market is also becoming more globalized as people, goods, money, and information continue to cross borders. The advancement of DX and AI is accelerating this trend, and knowledge and skills that are only applicable domestically have limitations. GIS aims to provide an advanced education that is needed within an international community and help you grow into leaders who can thrive worldwide. We look forward to studying together with you from April 2024!


Career Support Organizations and Programs:

GIS Global Leadership Initiative (GGLI)

Graduate School Application Support (GSAS)