Cautions for Using E-journals and Databases

Please observe the following points when using e-journals and databases:

1. Purpose and Scope of Use

All of the information provided is protected by the Copyright Act.
Downloading, printing, and saving obtained data is allowed only to the extent required for individual study, research, or teaching. Please do not use data for other purposes.
Also, it is forbidden to duplicate data or to provide data to a third party.

2. Compliance with Publishers' Usage Rules and Regulations

Please read and comply with the usage rules and regulations set by the various e-journals and databases.
Make absolutely sure not to breach any of these rules or regulations.

3. Prohibition of Large-Scale Downloads

Large-scale downloads will be considered a breach of contract, so make absolutely sure to avoid doing so.
The following are some examples of prohibited behavior:

  • Downloads using a program with a crawler, robot, or spider, etc.
  • Downloads making use of automatic download programs etc.
  • Downloading all issues or a large number of issues of any given journal, or downloading all articles in any one issue; this rule applies to both automatic and manual downloads.

The provider uses the access log to monitor improper use and overuse.
If the provider considers that the system is being used excessively than normal, it may suspend use for Hosei University entirely.

4. Consistent Logging Out

Some databases have limits on the number of users possible at one time.
When you finish using a site, please log out promptly for the sake of other users.