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September 13   Page released

Data Science科目について【all】 

Introduction to Date Science B: データサイエンス入門B (授業コード A9802)
データサイエンス応用基礎 (授業コード A9804・A9806・A9808)


 Schedule 【all】

As already announced by the university, please check the syllabus (web syllabus), etc. for individual class formats (face-to-face, online, etc.).
However, if the infection situation of the new coronavirus worsens beyond expectations, the class format may be changed, so please check the University's website in that case.

The first week of GIS class will be held online, but courses sponsored by other departments (cross-listed courses, Global Open Courses, Open courses offered by other departments (他学部公開科目), etc.) may be held in person from the first week.




The first week of GIS class will be held online. Class materials will be posted on Learning Management System. Check them early and regularly so that you don’t miss any important information for the selection. 


Date Details
By September 19

Provisional registration / 仮登録

From September 20 Classes begin

September 29 - October 2

Course Registration period (final registration) 

October 9 - 10

Course change period
* If you need to make any corrections, please do so via the Registration Application (履修申請) in the information system.

GIS Handbook, syllabus【all】

GIS Handbook(履修の手引き)

The GIS Handbook is updated every year. Please make sure to refer to the latest edition, regardless of the academic year. Also, please thoroughly read it before getting in contact about any questions you might have.



Timetable 【all】


The timetable for the 2023 academic year has not been posted yet. Please check the registration procedures and syllabus for the "class location (classroom)", "day of week, period", etc., as you normally would to see the timetable.


Selection 【all】It will be updated frequently

After the results have been announced, if you wish to take a different course from the second week, then please contact the teacher in charge of that course.

Applying for Seminars (starting from spring semester 2024)  

Spring semester entrants can take seminars from the third year. Fall semester entrants can take seminars from the spring semester of the second year.
If you want to join a seminar from the 2024 spring semester, please check the website below. You can find videos of each seminar, which students have created to give you an insight into what kind of things you will cover, the atmosphere, etc.

Academic Honesty【all】

All students must familiarize themselves with what constitutes academic honesty. Please read the document and watch the video before the end of the registration period. 

Needed Credits for Graduation【all】

The credits needed for graduation vary depending on the year of admission and classes for compulsory subjects. Please make sure to check the GIS Handbook. 

Enrollment after the 2020 academic year: Page 16
Enrollment between the 2016 and 2019 academic years: Page 17

Courses Offered by Other Departments (Open to Other Departments, Global Open, and ESOP)【all】

For the Japanese version, please refer to page 58 of the GIS Handbook.

2020 to 2023 Entrants
  1. Open courses offered by other departments: All acquired credits are counted uniformly at the 200-level. You can take up to 10 credits including ESOP courses.
  2. Global Open Courses: All acquired credits are counted uniformly as 100-level Introductory Courses.
  3. ESOP subjects (subjects that are not on the GIS timetable and need to be applied for prior to taking the class): All acquired credits are counted uniformly at the 200-level. You can take up to 10 credits including Open Courses Offered by Other Departments.
2016 to 2019 Entrants
  1. Open courses offered by other departments: All acquired credits are counted uniformly at the 200-level. You can take up to 10 credits including 200-level Global Open Courses, and ESOP courses.

  2. Global Open Courses: Please refer to 配当年次/Year of the Global Open Courses timetable. 配当年次/Year determines the level of credits that can be acquired.
    1~: 100-level General Study Courses
    2~: 200-level
    3~: 300-level

  3. ESOP subjects (subjects that are not on the GIS timetable and need to be applied for prior to taking the class):
    All acquired credits are counted uniformly at the 200-level. You can take up to 10 credits including 200-level Global Open Courses, and Open Courses Offered by Other Departments.

French, Spanish, Chinese【all】

For the Japanese version, please refer to page 46 of the GIS Handbook.

  •  Please avoid to taking a language class for languages which you are a native speaker of.
  • C and D are classes are for students who have completed classes A and B (or have acquired language skills to that level). Each course is independent, so it is possible to take one at a time. There are times when more than one class is held, but instead of taking all classes, students should choose just one.
  • If you haven’t taken AI or BI, then it is not possible to take AII or BII. Please take AI and BI in the spring term.

Teaching Certificate【all】

At GIS, middle and high school teacher’s licenses (in English) can be obtained by students who enrolled at Hosei University up until the 2020 academic year. However, the teacher’s license program has been abolished from 2021 entrants. Therefore, the teacher’s license can’t be obtained even if a student takes a GIS course as a special register student (科目等履修生) after graduating. Students who wish to obtain a teacher’s license (limited to students who entered university up to the 2020 academic year) must obtain the necessary credits for teaching before graduation.
If a student has been studying abroad from their 4th year, they can obtain the teacher’s license when they graduate if all necessary courses have been completed before graduating.

GIS では、2020 年度入学者まで中学・高校の教員免許状(英語)が取得できますが、2021 年度入学者 より、教員免許の課程を廃止いたしました。そのため、卒業後に科目等履修生として GIS の科目を履修しても、教員免許は取得できません。教員免許取得を希望する方(2020 年度までの入学者に限る)は、必ず卒業までに、教職で必要な単位を取得してください。 なお、留学等で 4 年以上在籍する場合は、在学中に必要な科目を全て修得すれば、卒業と同時に教員免 許状を取得することができます。

For GIS Students Applying to Study Abroad Programs

If you are planning to apply for the program in the 2023 academic year or later, please make sure to check the following before applying.

Required English Courses / 必修英語科目【1st-year and repeat student】

Classes for Fall Semester 2023 Entrants

Your class (from 1 to 8) remains same even in the 2nd year. Please see page GIS handbook in order to know when and which courses you need to take.

Course Re-enrolment / 再履修

On March 17th, we sent a letter by post regarding classes. Please make sure to check this letter and attend the mentioned class/es.


  • Reading Skills II: As specified by the instructor.
  • Academic Writing Skills II: No textbook will be used.

* There are not any textbooks that need to be purchased for either subject.

Relaxation of upper limit【2nd to 4th-year】

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or more up to the end of the previous year may achieve up to 60 credits in one year.
Please refer to page 21 of the GIS Handbook.

Any students that wish to do this must contact the GIS office (Inquiry form).

March Graduation and Early Graduation for Students Admitted in September 【2nd and 4th students admitted in September】

March Graduation

At Hosei University, if a student has been enrolled for more than 4 years and acquired the required number of credits, they can graduate in March.
Students that entered university in September and wish to graduate in March need to apply by a fixed date as shown below.
New 4th year students who would normally progress to the next year are unable to graduate in March as they would only have been enrolled at the university for 3.5 years as of the end of March.

Course Change/Cancellation Method
After completing registration for the 2023 fall semester, fill out the Application for Graduation in March and submit it in person or by mail to your department or faculty office.

Application Deadline
17:00 on October 6, 2023 (Friday). Applications by mail must arrive by October 6.

Points to note

1. Application for graduation in March submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
2. Applications can’t be withdrawn once they have been accepted.
3. It is not possible to graduate in March without having made an application.
4. Once a decision has been made that a student will graduate in March it is not possible to request that this be cancelled.

* Please contact your faculty or department office if you have any questions.

Early graduation
If you want to graduate early in September 2024, then please check the separate Hoppii notification "Early Graduation in AY 2024 (Fall Term Enrollment) / 早期卒業について" before applying.

1. Target years
 Students who are in their second year in the fall semester

2. Deadline for submission of application form
September 15, 2023 (Friday)

Independent Study and Essay I & II【4th-year students admitted in September】

Application for Physical Education Credits for the Regular Participants of Athletic Club Activities

Beginning in the 2018 academic year, GIS sports club members are able to acquire credits for physical education by participating in sports club activities instead of taking classes.
Please refer to the below and follow the relevant procedures during registration.


  1. Joined the sports club in the relevant academic year and, in principle, stayed in the club until the end of the recording period (mid-January of the relevant academic year) of the “sports club attendance record (体育会出席簿)."

  2. Registered as participating in activities as recorded in the “sports club attendance record."

  3.  Received an evaluation of S to C- in assessments by the head of the club.

  4. In addition to the above, satisfied the general requirements for the acquisition of credits, such as being enrolled at Hosei University.​​

Registration Procedures

The student must submit the Application for Physical Education Credits for the Regular Participants of Athletic Club Activities during the fall semester registration period, and complete any needed procedures. 

No. of Credits that can be acquired

Two credits can be earned for 1 course (as Physical Education) for 1 year of sport club activities. Credits are counted as the number of credits earned in the fall semester.


  1. It is not possible to take a Physical Education course if credits have been obtained for sport club activities. Students who still want to join this course can register as normal.

  2. Only two credits will be granted for sport club activities over the entirety of your studies.

  3. No credits will be gained if the student withdraws midway through the academic year.

  4. The credits will be graded S to C, and can be included in GPA.

  5. Nighttime athletic club activities (第二体育会) are not included for credit acquisition.

Certificate Program

Please see the below for further details. (Explanation in Japanese)

Contact form