GGLIフェローによる講義報告(10月版)/ GGLI Fellows' Lecture Series Report (October Edition)

  • 2023年10月26日



まず10/2(月)には、JETROの佐藤 拓氏による講義が行われ、政府系機関における仕事について貴重なお話を伺うことができました。JETROは日本企業の海外進出支援や外国企業の日本進出支援を行う組織です。佐藤 拓氏はその両方を経験しており、学生たちに多くの興味深い示唆を与えました。
10/18(水)には、デロイトトーマツコンサルティングの加藤 彰氏とナショナル・オーストラリア銀行NAB証券の 大前 恵一朗氏が登壇し、外資系コンサルティングファームや外国銀行でのキャリアについてお話頂きました。加藤 彰氏はコンサルタントとしての仕事や必要なスキル、外資系で働く利点について詳しく語り、一方、大前 恵一朗氏からは金融機関の種類や仕事内容などに関する詳細な説明がありました。
10/23(月)には、アマゾンジャパンの元社長の長谷川 純一氏とマイクロソフトの元部長の鎌田 正宏氏が登壇し、外資系IT企業での仕事、テクノロジー、人材についての話がありました。長谷川 純一氏からは経営者としての立場から、市場の変化や今後求められる人材について多くの示唆を頂きました。また、鎌田 正宏氏はIT分野における企業を概観した後、外資系IT企業による科学技術の発展とその役割について語りました。


【10月開催GGLIイベント フェロー一覧】
佐藤 拓(Sato, Taku)/ 加藤 彰(Kato, Akira)/ 大前 恵一朗(Omae, Keiichiro)/ 長谷川 純一(Hasegawa, Junichi)/ 鎌田 正宏 (Kamata, Masahiro)
* List of Fellows: こちらをご確認ください。


In October 2023, a series of five lectures by GGLI Fellows took place. These lectures were primarily aimed at GIS students but were also open to students from other departments at the Ichigaya campus.

First, on October 2nd (Mon), we had a lecture by Mr. Sato from JETRO, who provided valuable insights into working in government agencies. JETRO plays a crucial role in supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese companies and attracting foreign companies to Japan. Mr. Sato shared his experiences from both sides of this equation, offering a wealth of interesting insights to the students that attended.

On October 18th (Wed), we hosted Mr. Kato from Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting and Mr. Omae from National Australia Bank (NAB) Securities. They shared information about careers in foreign consulting firms and international banks. Mr. Kato discussed the roles and necessary skills for consultants and the advantages of working in foreign companies. On the other hand, Mr. Omae provided detailed explanations about the various types of financial institutions that exist and the fundamental aspects of their operations.

On October 23rd (Mon), we had the privilege of hosting Mr. Hasegawa, former President of Amazon Japan, and Mr. Kamada, former senior manager at Microsoft. They spoke about working in foreign IT companies and the significance of technology and talent. Mr. Hasegawa provided valuable insights into the evolving market and the qualities that future professionals need. Mr. Kamada gave an overview of the IT industry and emphasized the essential role that foreign companies play in the development of science and technology.

Following each lecture, we conducted Q&A sessions where students enthusiastically posed numerous questions. The GGLI fellows were diligent in their responses, providing invaluable information to the students. These lectures represent a significant opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of careers in foreign companies. In the near future, we anticipate that GGLI Fellows will continue to deliver these lectures. GIS students are encouraged to actively participate in these sessions to further enrich their knowledge and gain valuable experiences related to careers in foreign affiliated companies.