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Academic Staff
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Expert Field/専攻 Philosophy
Seminar or Research Theme/ゼミナールまたは研究テーマ Ethics; History of Philosophy
Education and Experience/教育・経験 Joel A. Van Fossen received a B.A. in philosophy and classical studies from St. Norbert College (2013). After graduating, he taught English for two years in Tokyo. He then returned to the United States to complete his M.A. in philosophy at Georgia State University (2017), where he wrote a thesis on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. He then received a Ph.D. in philosophy at Boston University (2023), where he wrote a dissertation on the ethics and philosophy of love. He has previously taught at several universities, including Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University.
Research Interests/研究関心 Professor Van Fossen’s research focuses on how emotions and personal relationships play a role in normative ethics. Methodologically, he is interested in the history of philosophy as a resource for contemporary debates on these topics. He has published on the ethical significance of shame, disgust, reverence, and resentment in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche. His current research concentrates on the nature of love as a rational emotion and how loving relationships justify action within an impartial moral framework. In addition, he is interested in metaethics, political philosophy, and applied ethics.


博士(ボストン大学/哲学)。修士(ジョージア州立大学/哲学)。講師(ボストン大学、ボストンカレッジ、ノースイースタン大学、アサンプション大学)。2023年4月より法政大学グローバル教養学部(GIS)助教。ケンブリッジ大学出版局から出版予定の文献(Friedrich Nietzsche and Philosophy of Love)を執筆中。専門は哲学史(19世紀ドイツ哲学〈主にフリードリヒ・ニーチェ〉、19-20世紀イギリス哲学)、倫理学(Philosophy of Love、規範倫理学、メタ倫理学、応用倫理学、政治哲学)。