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SUAN, Stevie

Academic Staff
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Expert Field/専攻 Asian Studies; Media Studies; Performance Studies
Seminar or Research Theme/ゼミナールまたは研究テーマ Globalization of Anime across Asia; Performance and Performativity in and of Contemporary Media in Japan
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Education and Experience/教育・経験 Stevie Suan holds a Doctorate in Manga Studies from the Graduate School of Manga Studies at Kyoto Seika University. He received his M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai‛i at Mānoa and a B.A. in Cinema and Cultural Studies at Stony Brook University. Born in Sri Lanka, but raised in New York City, Stevie has spent considerable time living and travelling within Asia, where he has studied and researched a wide variety of topics relating to the arts and media, ranging from traditional theatrical performance to contemporary media.
Research Interests/研究関心 Conceptualizing the dynamics of performance modes has been one of the principle interests guiding Dr. Suan’s research across different fields. Having engaged with various mediums, he has had a sustained interest in Asian theater, having done research on gender and aesthetics in medieval Noh performance theory. Moving towards philosophical theories of performativity, Dr. Suan has since focused his research on contemporary media. In particular, his area of expertise is in anime and manga, utilizing theories of performance and media to examine anime aesthetics and its relation to globalization, examining the shifting currents of cultural production and consumption under contemporary modes of globalization. He also extends this interdisciplinary theoretical approach to examine how anime can provide a distinct perspective on the ongoing crisis of environmental devastation.




スリランカ生まれ、ニューヨーク市育ち、現在は法政大学グローバル教養学部(GIS)准教授。京都精華大学マンガ研究科博士号取得。ハワイ大学マノア校アジア研究学部修士号(アジア研究日本専攻)修了。専門はパフォーマンス論とメディア論。現在の研究テーマはテレビアニメの美学とグローバル性。主な著作は、『Anime’s Identity: Performativity and Form Beyond Japan』(University of Minnesota Press)、「Objecthood at the End of the World: Anime’s Acting and its Ecological Stakes in Neon Genesis Evangelion」(Stockholm University Press)、「Performing Virtual YouTubers: Acting Across Borders in the Platform Society」(CrossAsia)、「Repeating Anime's Creativity Across Asia」(Rowan and Littlefield International)、「 アニメの『行為者』-アニメーションにおける体現的/修辞的パフォーマンスによる『自己』 」(アニメーション研究)など。