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EYO, Shiaw Jia

Academic Staff
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Expert Field/専攻 Management and Commerce
Seminar or Research Theme/ゼミナールまたは研究テーマ

Innovation and entrepreneurship in business
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Education and Experience/教育・経験 Shiaw Jia Eyo received her PhD from Hitotsubashi University in 2011, prior to which she received her undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, US. She worked as a financial analyst in the US and as a venture capitalist in Malaysia before receiving her PhD. In 2011, she worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Hitotsubashi University. In 2012, she became an Assistant Professor in GIS, and in 2016 she was promoted to Associate Professor. She has been with GIS since 2015 teaching business courses such as Finance, Investment, Marketing, International Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Research Interests/研究関心 Professor Eyo’s research interests include the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, with a particular focus on technology start-ups. She has published articles on biotechnology start-ups in Japan, as well as on Japan’s national innovation system. Using the case study method, she explored the nature of technology start-ups, the development of biotechnology start-ups in Japan and entrepreneurship financing. Professor Eyo is also interested in social entrepreneurship. She is currently working on the following research: 1) Quantifying the social impact brought by social entrepreneurship. 2) The recent development of Japan’s start-up ecosystem.




米国のミズーリ大学でBBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) と MBA (Master of Business Administration)の学位を取得。大学を卒業後、米国で金融アナリストとしてSprint Corporationとマレーシアでベンチャーキャピタリストとして働いていた。2011 年に一橋大学院商学研究科経営専攻の博士課程を取得。2012 年に GIS の助教となり、2016 年に准教授に昇進した。2015 年から GIS に勤務し、金融、投資、マーケティング、国際ビジネス、イノベーション、起業家精神などのビジネス コースを教えている。