【産学連携組織】GIS Global Leadership Initiative (GGLI)

Greeting from the GGLI chair (English/日本語)

【産学連携組織】GIS Global Leadership Initiative (GGLI)

The Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) at Hosei University is one of the few domestic faculties that offer a 100% English-based liberal arts education. Since its establishment in 2008, GIS has produced many leaders who have excelled in the international community due to their high English proficiency and solid academic expertise. During this time, the world has become increasingly more complex, and new problems and challenges that cannot be solved by a single field of expertise have emerged. Additionally, new fields continue to emerge, and they are expanding beyond national borders. This trend is sure to accelerate in the future.
However, in such an environment, there is a shortage of talented individuals who can excel in the international community in Japan, and expectations for higher education institutions that engage with society continue to rise. Nonetheless, what students can learn in university classrooms is limited. Even if one fully understands a theory, there is still a long way to go to be able to put a theory into practice. Moreover, there is always a significant gap between ideal and reality. GGLI is expected to be an organization that can bridge these gaps and respond promptly and appropriately as a higher education institution to the urgent need of society to "nurture and produce talents that can excel globally."

GGLI hosts lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and other events by fellows who excel in the rapidly changing forefront of society. Through participation in these events, GIS students acquire a foundation for future global success by learning practical know-how from fellows about the real world. At the same time, GGLI serves as a guide for career choices. However, GGLI is not only a "place" for GIS students, it also provides opportunities for exchanges between the fellows themselves, and between fellows and university researchers. In the medium to long term, we aim to become a hub for creating new "knowledge" based on diverse values and multiple perspectives through various “places” for interaction.

In the future, GGLI plans to expand and deepen its connections with the business world while providing even more "places" where various people can interact. As GIS, we will continue to work towards realizing a better world while responding to the needs of not only Japanese society but also the international community, as part of our responsibility as a higher education institution in today's rapidly changing modern society. Thank you for your continued support. 

GGLI Chair
Takamasa Fukuoka




GGLI Chair