Seminar Lists

Language Teaching and Learning

Seminar Lists


Machiko KOBORI

Our seminar explores effective teaching and learning in language education: it focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of second language learning (SLL) and second language (L2) teacher education. It gives an insight into a wide range of perspectives and strategies for how to deal with the acquisition of languages and the teaching of L2 teachers. This includes teaching approaches, materials and planning lessons, and more within different contexts such as language learners’ and teachers’ motivation, and English teaching in primary schools.

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Seminar activities

1. Visiting primary schools to support pupils learning English: we have been involved in activities teaching English to primary and secondary pupils in different educational organizations, mainly in Tokyo.
2. Teaching English online: we teach English seasonally to young learners in our seminar online English school.

Seminar papers

Seminar students are mainly focusing on different themes within the context of second language education:
1. The influence of early childhood English education on motivation to learn English
2. A study of motivational strategies in the English classroom of Japanese high school students
3. English in English?: Major concerns of English teachers in Japan.