Seminar Lists


Seminar Lists


Diana KHOR

“Intersectionality” is an indispensable approach to analyzing inequalities that pays attention to how different inequalities relate to — “intersect” with — one another. In this seminar, grounded in sociology, students will critically examine the theory and research informed by intersectionality, engage in intersectional analysis, develop sensitivity to issues related to race, class, gender and sexuality, nationality and other inequalities, and consider how inequalities can be reduced.

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Past Students’ Prize-winning Research Papers

・Is University Campus Gendered? The Experiences of Transgender Students in Japan
・The Fast Fashion Industry: Japanese Consumerism and the Exploitation of Workers
・How is the Image of “Foreigners” Constructed? The Representations of Foreigners as “Others” in Relation to “Us”
・Cosmetic Surgery for Self-improvement: Reward or Penalty?
・Do Fashion Magazines Represent “Real women”? A Cross- cultural Analysis of Inequality in the Fashion and Beauty Industry
・Do “Sexuality” and “Gender” exist in Thailand?