Policies / ポリシー

Diploma Policy (JP)

Policies / ポリシー

Students who have acquired enough credits, and met the learning outcomes outlined below, will be conferred with a Bachelor (GIS Liberal Arts) degree:

1.   Problem solving skills
Having a critical ability to identify problems in everyday life, make unbiased judgements, and adopt an analytical perspective that transcends conventions and narrow disciplinary confines to arrive at solutions for the problems.

2.   Ability to put academic knowledge into practice
Having a deep and knowledgeable understanding of the most topical issues facing the world today, and being able to apply this effectively to a range of issues drawn from various contexts.

3.   Understanding of diverse and different cultures
Having up-to-date and precise understanding of nations, regions and communities with diverse race/ethnicity, language, values and social systems, and showing respect for their different cultures.

4.   English communication skills
Having an excellent command of the English language, being able to grasp the fine points of any argument and actively and effectively contribute to discussions and debates.



  1. 問題発見・解決能力:日常の具体的出来事から真の問題点を発見し、それを偏見や先入観にとらわれず整理し、向かうべき方向性を見出す能力。また、固定したものの見方に囚われない、領域横断的な問題分析能力を有すること。
  2. 学術知識の応用力:地球全体が対処すべき諸問題について、深い教養と最先端の議論に精通し、それらを現実社会に応用できること。
  3. 異文化・多文化の理解:民族や言語、価値観や社会制度を異にする国家・地域・コミュニティーに関する正確かつリアルタイムの知識。また、それぞれの固有文化の意義を尊重する姿勢があること。
  4. 英語コミュニケーション能力:相手の論点を的確に理解し、議論に積極的に関わることのできる高度な英語運用力を備えていること。