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Fast Track to Graduation / 早期卒業制度

About GIS



The early graduation system allows students to complete their degree in three years. The advantages for a student who qualifies would be the reduction of university tuition for one year and a head start on graduate school or early entrance into the job market.


Nicole Yuka Aoki:2023年度卒(アドビ株式会社 就職)

Fast-track to the World of Tech / IT の世界へファストトラック

As a student in college, I was eager to start my career as fast as possible. After much consideration, I decided to pursue early graduation. It wasn’t the easier path, as it meant taking a heavy course load and sacrificing some aspects of the traditional college experience. However, the benefits I reaped were worth it. I was able to secure a job in tech, start gaining invaluable real-world experience, and pursue my career goals earlier than I thought possible.


Maya Bennett:2022年度卒(The University of Oxford 進学)

Fast Track to Graduation - The Experience, Challenges, and Benefits

Graduating early from GIS is a challenging yet rewarding experience. While it can be daunting to take on extra
coursework, graduating early shows dedication, time-management skills, and the ability to take on challenging tasks
which are beneficial skills in all walks of life. There are many benefits to graduating early, including the ability to save
money on tuition and living expenses and allowing for more time to pursue other opportunities such as graduate school
and early experience in the job market.
Personally, graduating early from GIS was a major factor in my acceptance to the University of Oxford. The discipline
and time-management skills I gained during my accelerated program at GIS prepared me for the rigors of graduate-level
coursework and research. I am now well-equipped for a career in academia, thanks in part to my experience graduating