Curriculum / カリキュラム

Academic Skills Courses

Curriculum / カリキュラム

Cultivating Core Competencies/コアコンピテンシーの育成


The Academic Skills Courses at GIS are specifically designed to equip first-year students with the tools they need to succeed in university. Students are given the chance to sharpen their English language skills, while developing a more critical and interdisciplinary mindset. 

In the first two semesters at GIS, students are required to take mandatory classes in reading, writing and presentation skills alongside their elective content courses. The skills courses are tailored by English ability to empower all students in a comfortable setting.

Small class sizes create an active learning environment where discussion is encouraged and instructors can provide personalised, detailed feedback. Students begin with scaffolded learning as they get to grips with academic style and convention in the three areas before being given more creative freedom to apply these skills in a way that dovetails with the passions and interests they are developing in the content courses.


GIS のアカデミック スキル 科目は、1年生が大学での学修に必要なスキルを備えることができるように構成されています。学生にとって、批判的かつ学際的な思考力を身につけながら、英語力を磨く機会となっています。


少人数制のクラスでは、活発なディスカッションが行われ、教員が学生ひとりひとりに合わせたフィードバックを提供しています。学生は、まず①アカデミックライティング、②プレゼンテーション・パブリックスピーキング、③リーディングの、3 つの領域の基礎学習から始め、学術的な表現方法を理解していきます。基礎的なアカデミックスキルは、興味関心のある選択科目において発揮することができます。

Message from the Course Director/ディレクターメッセージ

Mark Birtles, Course Director

Providing a Foundation for Continued Success/継続的な成長のための土台づくり


GIS prides itself on the diversity of its student body, but diversity brings an inherent challenge. Before entering GIS, our students have different academic experiences. Some students come from the Japanese education system and some from international schools in Japan. Others have spent several years abroad or had their entire education in a foreign system. Therefore, the Academic Skills courses are designed to fill an individual's knowledge gaps and equip everyone with the same skillset. We provide a bedrock of knowledge that can be used in all GIS courses and beyond; I always tell my students that these practical communication competencies are not just critical for success at university, they are skills you carry with you for life.

Reading comprehension proficiency not only enables students to engage with academic texts confidently but also hones the analytical skills needed in our fast-paced modern world. Our writing courses guide students to articulate ideas coherently and persuasively. Being able to eloquently argue a well-evidenced, convincing point has many applications, from job interviews to married life. Finally, our speaking skills classes give students hands-on experience in delivering engaging presentations, instilling confidence in sharing insights with clarity and impact. Being able to present in front of an audience opens the door to countless personal and professional opportunities.

By the end of these required courses, students' reading, writing and presentation skills are more methodical, well-reasoned and logical. That means that their brains are more methodical, well-reasoned and logical. This effect transcends academia and transcends language; mastering these essential skills provides a foundation for continued success.


GIS では学生の多様性が特長ですが、多様であるからこその難しさも伴います。 GIS 入学以前に、学生はさまざまな学習環境で過ごしています。日本の教育制度の下で学習してきた学生もいれば、日本のインターナショナルスクールで学んできた学生もいます。また、数年間海外で過ごした学生や、海外での教育制度の下で学んできた学生もいます。それゆえ、Academic Skills Coursesは、学生間の知識のギャップを埋め、学生全員が同じスキルセットを身につけることができるように構成されています。私たちは、すべての GISでの授業と、その先の将来で役立つ知識の基礎を提供します。私はいつも学生たちに、実践的なコミュニケーション能力は大学での成長に不可欠であるだけでなく、生涯にわたって活用できるスキルであると伝えています。




1. Students are assigned classes specifically suited to their English proficiency.

2. Classes are small, with approximately 20 students per class.

3. All classes are conducted entirely in English.


Academic Writing Skills

The Academic Writing Skills classes introduce the formal structures and styles of academic writing. Students learn how to properly structure an essay and become familiar with academic vocabulary and conventions. The courses build confidence and competence in writing, culminating in students researching and writing a formal research paper on their chosen topic.

Academic Writing Skillsの授業では、アカデミック ライティングの形式的な構造やスタイルを学びます。学生は適切に文章を構成する方法を学び、学術用語や表現方法に精通することができます。最終的には自分で選択したトピックについて調査し、正式な論文を執筆することで、ライティングに対する自信と能力が向上します。

Presentation And Public Speaking

The primary aim of these courses is to provide skills and experience in speaking in front of an audience. Students prepare and deliver speeches in class, learning essential skills along the way: verbal and non-verbal delivery techniques; how to select, organise and use materials to support an idea; and how to effectively utilise multimedia tools in presentations.

Presentation and Public Speakingの主な目的は、聴衆の前で話すスキルと経験を身につけることです。学生は授業内でのスピーチや、その準備過程で言語、非言語双方の重要なテクニックを学びます。例えば、考えに説得力を持たせるために、どんな資料を選んで、どのように使用するか。また、プレゼンテーションでどのようにマルチメディアを効果的に使用するかなどを学んでいきます。

Reading Skills

The Reading Skills courses reinforce reading proficiency and teach the strategies needed for university-level academic success. Students explore real-world issues, discuss academic topics and study thematic materials. Through pair work, small group work, and whole class activities, students acquire the ability to critically engage with and react to scholarly journal articles.

Reading Skills の授業では、読解力を強化し、大学の学術レベルに必要な対策を指導します。学生は現代社会の問題を探求し、テーマ別に学術的なトピックについて議論・学習をします。ペアワーク、少人数のグループワーク、クラス全体の学習活動を通じて、学生は学術論文を批判的にとらえる能力を身につけます。