Welcome to GIS / GISへようこそ

  • 2024年04月01日
  • 新入生


Everyone, welcome to GIS.

Each of you has followed a unique path and navigated through various admission routes to arrive in this classroom. Some of you have realized a long-held dream, while others may have been led here by unexpected turns in your journey. Regardless of how you got here, from today onwards, all of you in this classroom are peers who will learn together and inspire each other to grow. From this moment, you all stand on the same starting line as you embark on a new journey. However, four years from now, there will undoubtedly be a clear difference among you, based on each individual's effort and passion. This difference will be much greater than you can imagine today. University is not just about earning credits to receive a bachelor's degree, nor is it a vocational school for employment preparation. And you are not our customers. University is a place to deepen academic knowledge and carve out your future with your own hands. Without active engagement and passion, you will gain nothing. Remember, the efforts and achievements you make from the age of 18 onwards will enrich your life more than everything you have done before 18. In other words, whether or not your life becomes enriched depends on the effort you start putting in from today. Therefore, I urge you to be more independent and gradually increase your efforts, akin to slowly pressing down on the gas pedal. Also, if I may be so bold to say, the bachelor's degree you earn after graduation should not be your sole goal for your education, or indeed for your whole life.

Now, what image comes to mind when you hear about GIS at Hosei? Is it that all lectures are taught in English? Or that our faculty offers a broad-based education? Perhaps it is the liberal arts education we offer or the close interaction between students and faculty due to small class sizes? Indeed, these are important pillars of our educational program, but they are merely means to a larger goal. That is, for our students "to become future global leaders who not only have an international perspective, but also have influence both domestically and internationally, respect diverse values, and who act with empathy." The emphasis on group discussions and presentations at GIS is also because we believe this is valuable training for you and that it allows you to show meaningful direction when collaborating with team members who have different specializations and diverse backgrounds in the future.

In April 2023, we launched the Industry-Academia Collaboration Organization GGLI and the Graduate School Admission Support program GSAS. These programs are designed to further hone you into global leaders. GGLI provides opportunities to learn practical knowledge from business professionals and entrepreneurs active in global companies, which will equip you with the mindset and skills needed for becoming a global leader. This program will be a valuable opportunity for those of you aiming to work in Japanese global companies, foreign companies, or even starting your own business. Meanwhile, GSAS offers support for those who wish to pursue further studies at graduate schools abroad. On the global stage, what matters more than the prestige of your university or the difficulty of undergraduate admission is what you learn at your university and how you can apply that knowledge for the betterment of society. Also, remember that leaders abroad, often have not only a bachelor's, but in fact it is standard to have a master’s degree or higher. A high GPA during your undergraduate studies is necessary for getting into a graduate school abroad. Please strive to maintain a high GPA from your first year if you're considering this path.

The next four years at GIS will be a continuous journey of challenges and discoveries for you. We are ready to answer your questions, provide new perspectives, and engage in deep discussions. Actively use not only the lectures but also the rich learning opportunities offered by GIS to deepen and broaden your own learning. We sincerely hope that through your studies at GIS, you will fully realize your potential and have a fulfilling four years.

Once again, I heartily congratulate you on your new beginning. Welcome to GIS and congratulations on your admission!

Thank you.

Takamasa Fukuoka, Dean of GIS, Hosei University








法政大学GIS学部長 福岡賢昌