Global Companies

卒業生の声(Global Companiesへの就職)

Global Companies

Momoko Ikeda

Graduated in March 2023;
currently working for Sony Corporation.

【Finding My Own Path】
Studying for 4 years at GIS on the liberal arts program have offered me opportunities to discover what interests me and develop a foundation for my career. 

In GIS, there are courses from various academic fields, and students engage in the classes they found interesting. Such a curriculum allows them to explore and study multiple disciplines, and in this way we all feel supported in finding what interests us the most.

For instance, the liberal art program has enabled me to cultivate an interdisciplinary perspective, and I could furthermore develop a global mindset in an environment where there are students and professors from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

This enriched experience at GIS provided me with opportunities to study art, sociology, and international relations, and finally found my own calling in regard to business. As I work for a global company, I strongly believe that the journey I have been through during my 4 years at GIS built an essential foundation for my career. This would be a wonderful place to start your own journey and take one step forward to shape your future.

Risako WADA

Graduated in March 2019;
currently working for All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

【A genuine global leader】
As almost all lectures contained discussions and presentations, they encouraged me to acquire not only an advanced level of English, but also critical thinking skills.
These skills help me to face challenges and confront new things in my career.

Shiori ONO

Graduated in September 2019;
currently working for Accenture Japan Ltd.

【Learning experience at GIS】
At GIS, you can both explore various courses and pursue your interests. The learning experience definitely prepares you for the future because it enriches your knowledge and shapes your perspective.

Critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills I developed though everyday classes are essential as I now work as a consultant.

Ekisho CHIN

Graduated in March 2018;
currently working for AIG General Insurance Co., Ltd.

【What I gained from a GIS education】
The 4 years of English education through GIS’s “immersion program” provided me with a variety of skills. In particular, I would like to mention one crucial skill I regularly implement in my current business setting: how to “Think Like Locals.”

I’m currently working at AIG (American International Group) which operates over 80 countries and jurisdictions around the globe. As we operate multi-nationally, we encounter plenty of situations where we deal with people and companies from different cultures.

I’m in charge of sales and marketing for multinational financial products that cover the risks which could occur abroad. These include overseas product liability, director and officer liability, and cyber attacking risks. By taking charge of this kind of role, I have had many chances to meet with executives from all over the world who do cross border business in Japan.

Accordingly, there are many times I encounter different kinds of business rules and customs, including those from the United States, China, and many other countries in the Asia-Pacific. The English-only education at GIS provided me with the experience and confidence to engage with such diversity because I was already accustomed to it at GIS. Because of this, I have been able to solve all the issues that my clients and colleagues have had, no matter how complicated the situations were.


Graduated in March 2019; currently pursuing her MSc degree in International Development: Development Management at University of Manchester

【Great place to pursue your own study】
International relations and sociology courses were tough going, but developed in me good knowledge of these fields.

What I learned in GIS inspired me to pursue my research in the UK on international development and the how to include socially vulnerable people into the development process.