Graduate School of Science and Engineering

Japanese-based Degree Programs

As evidenced by recent developments in the field of advanced technology, a remarkable amount of progress is being made in Japanese science and technology. There was once a time when much of Japan’s science and technology knowledge was adopted from the more developed nations of Europe and the United States. Today, however, rapid growth is taking place in technological fields that are leading the way all over the globe, including Europe and the United States. Thus, there is strong demand from the Japanese industrial sector, as well as from the international community, for advanced engineers and researchers with creative abilities.
To meet these kinds of societal needs, we are restructuring the Graduate School of Engineering in April 2013 and establishing the Graduate School of Science and Engineering with majors in six fields—mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, applied information engineering, system engineering, applied chemistry, and frontier bioscience. We are establishing master’s and doctoral programs in each major, reorganizing the majors to achieve consistency between the undergraduate and graduate programs, and strengthening our systems to better cultivate doctoral researchers entering the program after completing six years of well-integrated coursework. In addition, we are creating a framework for accepting graduates from other universities as well as working adults and international students hoping to continue their education at an advanced level.
Continuing the policy adopted by the Graduate School of Engineering, this new graduate school will offer education and research guidance that focuses on producing independent individuals equipped with advanced knowledge who consistently work to acquire the most up-to-date specialized skills and have a high level of expertise and professionalism. We are developing an educational program that will be conducive to working adult students and international students, and accept and support such students through the special admission system.