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Freshmen of Hosei University: Congratulations on your admission!

News & Event

On Sunday April 3, Hosei University’s entrance ceremony took place at the Nippon Budokan (Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo). The famous cherry trees around the venue were in full bloom, providing memorable photo opportunities for many freshmen.

At the ceremony, President Yuko Tanaka introduced the Hosei University Charter in her speech. A guest speaker, Ms. Tamami Honda, a Commercial Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, also delivered a congratulatory speech, in which she said, “University is a place where you can study as much as you want before entering the business world. I truly hope you will find and pursue what you are interested in.”

The ceremony, which was held in the morning and afternoon, was attended by a total of about 19,000 freshmen and their parents.

To the freshmen, congratulations and welcome to Hosei University!

  • Nippon Budokan where the ceremony was held

  • Speech by President Tanaka

  • Congratulatory speech by Ms. Honda (graduate of the Faculty of Law in 1987)

  • Ms. Tsumugi Mitani (senior, Faculty of Social Sciences: left) and Mr. Shoui Kurose (senior, Faculty of Law: right) serving as masters of ceremonies

  • Mr. Koji Wada delivering his welcoming speech in the morning session (senior, Faculty of Humanity and Environment)

  • Ms. Yuriko Koyama delivering her speech in the morning session (Department of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies)

  • Mr. Masaki Kimura delivering his welcoming speech in the afternoon session (senior, Faculty of Economics)

  • Mr. Masahiro Nakamura delivering his speech in the afternoon session (Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences)

  • At the Ichigaya Campus, a freshman fair was held between Saturday April 2 and Wednesday April 6.

  • After the ceremony, freshmen’s parents and guardians participated in the Career Center Guidance.