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Voice : Amilcar Ortiz

Voice of International Students

Amilcar Ortiz
Sustainability Co-creation Programme (SCOPE)

Why did you decide to study in Japan?

Japan has always been a country that captivated me. Being so far away from my own country, my curiosity for Japan grew with time, so I started researching more about the country and I ended up deciding that I wanted to study there, since it was a country so different from mine and with so many things to show me. There are so many values that I admire in Japan as a society such as the respect for others, politeness, commitment and calmness they have, those definitely made Japan an ideal country for me to study in.

Why did you choose Hosei University?

I found Hosei University while I was searching for English Undergraduate programs in Japan. Hosei stood out for me the most because they offered a very distinctive program compared to other universities. I felt that Hosei had a lot of vision for the program and was willing to let students contribute and become co-creators of the program. A lot of the values of the university resonated with me, which is, in my opinion, one of the most important things in any institution.

What are good things you experienced after entering Hosei University?

Being in such a multi-cultural environment is definitely one of the things I enjoy the most. During my time in Hosei University I have met many people from various countries, I got the opportunity to share classes with exchange students, as well with Japanese language-track students. Those opportunities allowed me to make friends not only with people in my own program but also people from other programs as well.