Faculty Members

Major in Applied Informatics

Faculty Members: Academic Areas and Research Topics

Graduate School of Science and Engineering Major in Applied Informatics

Shigeru Akamatsu

Human interfaces, biometrics, pattern recognition, image processing, sensory data processing
Human interfaces, image recognition, image generation, human communication, sensory data processing, facial recognition

Koichi Ogawa

Image engineering
Image engineering research geared for medical and industrial applications

Atsushi Kanai

Data networks and security
Network security, data security, security software engineering, network services technologies

Mitsuru Shinagawa

IT engineering, ubiquitous networks
IT technology research meant to develop people- and environmentally-friendly ubiquitous networks

Akihiro Fujii

Associate professor
Distributed system design theory
Software engineering, network services technologies, electronic transactions, the Internet and innovation, science and technology policy

Kazuo Yana

Data processing engineering
Digital signal processing, network traffic analysis, biosignal processing

Li Lei

Intelligent information engineering, algorithms
High-speed algorithm design and analysis, computational difficulty and complex systems, parallel synchronous and asynchronous algorithms, soft computing

Koichi Wada

Theoretical computer science
Parallel computer design and analysis, fault tolerance of distributed systems, graph theoretical research into computer networks

Hitoshi Iyatomi

Associate professor
Intelligent information processing, image recognition and analysis, medical engineering
Machine learning, perceptions and opinions, creating new values based on networks

Makoto Hirahara

Associate professor
Biodata processing
Engineering and psychological research into motion vision and memory, combinatorial optimization (metaheuristics)

Kenji Miyamoto

Associate professor
Programming languages
Virtual world interfaces with projected images, interactive animation using computer vision