Major in Geography

Graduate School of Humanities

“Explaining scientifically the phenomena of spatial and temporal distribution generated by the interaction of the natural environment with human activity”

With the wide variety of environmental challenges we now face on a global scale, the importance of geography, which helps us understand the phenomena of spatial and temporal distribution occurring near the planet’s surface through on-site field work, is growing. This program, which is built on the two pillars of natural geography and human geography, strives to promote education and research with a well-balanced staff that can cover the extensive breadth of subjects this complex field encompasses. Geography is sometimes called a “science of region” or a “science of space.” The regions or spaces referred to range from the micro-level neighborhoods that immediately surround us to the multilayered levels of various spaces, including nations, continents, and global-scale expanses. In the 21st century in particular, geography is concerned with global-scale problems.

Distinctive Features

  • A well-balanced faculty of instructors representing the broad spectrum of geographic fields of study
  • Course and seminar variety, with an emphasis on fieldwork
  • A credit transfer system with six private graduate schools in Tokyo, as well as daytime and evening course offerings


Students in this program may choose to focus on either natural geography or human geography, and conduct research on a topic of their own interest to serve as the basis for a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Through the guidance process, the program naturally aims to cultivate geography researchers, but also strives to cultivate junior and senior high school teachers and individuals who will be able to contribute to society as advanced professionals in this field. Through its adoption of a system for admitting working adults, this program also works to refresh the skills and knowledge of experienced working adults, including teachers and other professionals.