Full-Time Teachers: Fields of Specialization and Research Topics

Graduate School of Engineering and Design Major in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hisakazu Sakai

Geotechnical earthquake engineering; Earthquake disaster mitigation engineering
Earthquake disaster mitigation for lifeline facility, Seismic assessment of geotechnical structure, Soft and hard measures against earthquake

Yoshiharu Suzuki

Hydrometeorological and environmental studies
Explication of localized torrential downpours and other precipitation phenomena and applications in engineering and disaster preparedness, assessing the repercussions of global environmental problems, with a focus on global warming and air pollution

Kimio Takami

Urban planning, urban design engineering
Regional climatic and topographical elements and urban infrastructure, harmonizing land use

Tsuneaki Fukui

Architecture for Infrastructure and Environment
Design of public space and structure, landscape act, cultural landscape, and urban history

Toshiaki Mizobuchi

Concrete materials science, structural diagnostic technologies
Life cycle engineering of concrete, Non-destructive inspection of concrete structures, Durability mechanics of concrete structures, Control of cracking of mass concrete at early age

Koji Michioku

Ecohydraulics and river engineering
Hydrodynamics of river structures constructed with natural materials, Ecohydraulics in rivers and reservoirs, Sustainable management of river basin

Kiyoe Miyashita

Urban and regional planning studies, spatial analysis, remote sensing
Orderly, concentrated urban land use as part of efforts to regenerate the natural environment and build sustainable cities

Takeshi Mori

Steel structure, maintenance engineering
Fatigue of steel structures, strength of connections in steel structures, life elongation of steel bridge structures

Takashi Morita

Cartography and spatial information science, urban and cityscape planning
Multifaceted and comprehensive visualization of the past, present, and future of urban environments to depict the “big picture” of how future urban environments should look

Chikako Fujiyama

Associate Professor
Concrete and Steel-Concrete Composite structural engineering
Fatigue of concrete structure, shear connectors for steel-concrete composite structure, Rate dependecy of concrete, Bridge engineering