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Hosei University Junior/Senior High School

Hosei University Junior/Senior High School seeks to provide education based on the philosophy of fostering student’s independence and self-discipline. While students are expected to acquire a wide range of basic academic knowledge, they are also encouraged to develop their creativities and independence. To achieve this goal, a number of programs are offered. For example, at junior high school, students participate in workshops (creative activities), and at senior high school they choose their own classes according to their interests. In addition, they can take options in school events and club activities. We provide an excellent educational environment including various international exchange programs, language laboratories, and computer rooms to respond to widening computerization.

Hosei Daini Junior and Senior High School

Our education aims to produce leaders who can grapple with the many different problems that we face in today’s rapidly changing world. To that end, we believe that “a good leader” must have adequate people skills, along with self-reliance and decisiveness. To help achieve this goal, we provide a number of educational opportunities such as club activities, various events including school festivals, camps and trips to foster students’ leadership, social skills and independence.
We also promote active learning through research, experiments and presentation as preparation for academic study at university. A variety of elective classes are available to the 3rd year students in senior high school, covering almost all of the liberal arts subjects, sciences, computer skills, languages, music and PE. Our state-of-the-art facilities facilitate active learning in class.
Beginning in 2016, when our school becomes coeducational, we will place greater emphasis on international and environmental education. Our new international room with a remote conference system will serve as the center of international communication as well as a meeting point for students interested in studying abroad. Our environmental education focuses especially on research in air pollution. In this manner, we will expand the range of activities to contribute to the local community.
Our superlative sports facilities, including brand-new gymnasiums, artificial turf stadiums and playing fields, and sophisticated music rooms, as well as a new, modern auditorium with a seating capacity of 1300, will surely turn Musashikosugi into the cultural and sports center of Hosei University.

Hosei University Kokusai High School

A special program allowing students to choose courses that will hold their interest has been lasting for along time. Students choose courses that suit their voluntary research themes and pursue them fully. Presentations and debates re widely adopted in general classes, and students spend many hours on laboratory activities and other practical work. They are also actively engaged in student’s council activities, as well as being given opportunities to demonstrate class and club achievements at the school festival and sports day.