Aiming to Create a System for Computers to Acquire Knowledge and Grow Autonomously

Yuji Sato, Professor
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Hosei University

Professor Yuji Sato is committed to using cutting-edge information processing technology in the service of society. He is currently forging ahead with applied research on intelligent computing, with a focus on “evolutionary computation.”

Mobilizing Personal Connections and the Internet to Promote Consumer-Centered Product Development

Hidehiko Nishikawa, Professor
Department of Markets and Management, Faculty of Business Administration

Making use of extensive personal connections cultivated through his inimitable curiosity and energy, Professor Nishikawa’s projects include planning and developing products from a user’s standpoint. He engages in practical marketing that “gives fun a concrete shape.”

Nurturing Media Professionals to Carry Frontline Operations while Reflecting on the Social Responsibility of Media

Mafumi Fujita, Professor:Department of Media and Communication Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Mafumi Fujita is forging ahead with media research while maintaining a vigorous activity profile within and outside the university.

Approach to Supporting Students Careers Education from the viewpoint of Educational Studies: Cultivating the AbilityPower of Thinking for a Self-Reliant Life

Koichiro Komikawa, Professor:Department of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies, Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies

Professor Koichiro Komikawa says that to cultivate students’ abilitypower of thinking, you need to avoid teaching them, and instead make them think for themselves.