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Classes in the 2021 Academic Year (Update No. 6) - Extension of State of Emergency

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May 10, 2021

To: Current Hosei University students, their parents and guardians

Hosei University

Classes in the 2021 Academic Year (Update No. 6) 
- Extension of State of Emergency

On May 7 a decision was made to extend the state of emergency in Tokyo, where Hosei University is located, from May 12 to May 31.

At present, as per the announcement Classes in the 2021 Academic Year (Update No. 5) - State of Emergency, for the duration of the state of emergency (April 25 to May 11) classes are in principle in an online format only (however, some experiments and practical training can be held face-to-face).

In light of the extension of the state of emergency, and the current status of infections, classes at Hosei University will continue to be online from May 12 to May 15. However, some classes, such as experiments and practical training, will continue to be held in a face-to-face format provided exhaustive measures are taken to avoid the “3Cs” and prevent the spread of infections.

Information regarding each class will be announced via the Learning Management System. We ask that all students ensure that they regularly check these announcements.

We are expecting that there will be some easing of university measures for the implementation of classes (face-to-face) from May 17. However, this will be decided depending on local circumstances at the time (we will make a new announcement on May 14 about how classes will be taught from May 17).

In the future, we will continue to change our class implementation policy according to the status of novel coronavirus infections as well as social conditions, and we will make further announcements should our class implementation policy change again. Please continue to regularly check information on classes on the Hosei University website, Hoppii, and the Learning Management System.

We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.