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Entrance Ceremony Fall 2021

News & Event

August 27th, 2021

Students who are scheduled to begin university in September 2021 and their families

Hosei University

Entrance Ceremony Fall 2021

In light of the current situation, whereby infections of the novel coronavirus are increasing within Japan, it has been decided that the Entrance Ceremony Fall 2021 scheduled for September 11th,2021 will be held at a reduced scale, and streamed online at the same time.

Amid the day by day increasing numbers of people infected with the coronavirus in Japan, the future situation on whether foreign students from many other countries will be able to enter Japan remains unclear. We are thinking foremost of the health and safety of all students and their families, and in addition we have decided to conduct the entrance ceremony in a form by which those students who are unable to attend the ceremony on the day can still participate. We would like to ask for everyone’s understanding regarding this decision.

The ceremony will be held at a venue with a restricted number of attendees. On the day of the ceremony the president will give a congratulatory speech, there will be a speech on entering university from a representative of the new students, and a welcome speech from a current student. The above will be streamed online at the same time.

Participation in the Entrance Ceremony

It is possible for other new students, besides the new student representative, to attend the ceremony, but family members will not be able to attend. We ask that all students who are unable to attend on the day to watch the live stream.

The date and place of the ceremony are as follows:

Entrance Ceremony Fall 2021
   Schedule: September 11th (Saturday),  13:00 p.m. to 13:30 p.m.
   Location: Satta Hall, 6th floor of the Sotobori Building, Ichigaya Campus

Warning to New Students Regarding Coming to Hosei University

・ Even if you can’t attend the entrance ceremony this will not mean that you can’t enroll.
・ New students should pay sufficient caution to their own health management and to preventing the spread of infection, such as by wearing a mask, when coming to the university.
・ Please do not come to the university if you are feeling unwell.
・ Entry at the university’s gates is currently limited. Please confirm the campus entry rules on the website before coming to university.
・ During the ceremony all attendees will be seated at a set distance from each other. We appreciate your cooperation with this.

New Student Guidance

You will be contacted separately by your faculty regarding guidance for the schedule for after the entrance ceremony. Students who are unable to come to the university, including students who are as yet unable to enter Japan, will be able to take classes online.
Hosei University is planning for the autumn semester to be taught via online classes. We will provide all the support that we can so that students can enjoy a smooth start to their studies at Hosei University following the entrance ceremony.