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Entrance Ceremony Fall 2023 was held.

News & Event

On Saturday, September 9, the Entrance Ceremony Fall 2023 was held at 1:00 p.m. in Satta Hall on the 6th floor of the Sotobori Building on the Ichigaya Campus. 

This Entrance Ceremony Fall is for new students in the English-based Degree Programs, in which all classes are taught in English.

In his address in English, President Katsuya Hirose welcomed the new students by introducing the opportunities for meeting and interacting with fellow students and for deep learning during their university life. 

This was followed by a welcome speech by a representative of current students and an entrance speech by a representative of new students. At the end of the ceremony, all the participants sang the school song together.

Although the new students were nervous to participate in the solemn Japanese-style ceremony, they seemed to relax and mingle with other new students and faculty members at the welcome party held after the ceremony.

Congratulations to all the new students!

(The above is an English translation by automatic translation.)

Fall Entrance Ceremony Participating Faculties and Graduate Schools(English-based Degree Programs)

  • President Hirose delivers the ceremonial address.

  • Ms. Beuerlein-Steinberg, representative of current students, delivers a welcome speech.

  • Ms. Kmet, representative of new students, delivers her entrance address.

  • Ms. Murao, who hosted the event in both Japanese and English.

New student’s speeches

Here is the full text of the speech given by Ms. Kmet, the representative of new students.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It is a big honor and my pleasure to be welcoming everyone today at the HOSEI University entrance ceremony 2023. It is a significant and very special moment for all of us. Our presence here today is a statement of hard work and dedication to our dreams.

I am standing here not only as a speaker but also as one of the new students in the GBP program. My name is Yuliana and I am from Ukraine. There was a point in my life when I lost hope and didn’t know what I should do. It seemed that there was no way out and I couldn't do anything. My country happened to be in a very difficult situation and so were the people, because of the war. Luckily I was so blessed to be accepted in the exchange student program at HOSEI University last year. I can confidently say that this was the best year of my life and this was my true savior. I found my passion and motivation again, I was given so many opportunities, met amazing people, learned so much, enjoyed my life like I never did before and regained my peace back. I will be forever grateful to HOSEI University for giving me this opportunity and opening so many doors for me.

Today a new chapter of our lives begins. We are not just entering university, we are stepping into a whole new world of opportunities and self-discoveries that will uncover our endless potential and make us the best versions of ourselves. We have just started an exciting, yet challenging, journey that will test and shape us. Let’s be fearless to take on new challenges, accept failures, enjoy success and strive for the best.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult but please know that you are not alone in this journey. We are so different, yet so similar. We came from different parts of this world, we speak different languages and have different cultural backgrounds but at the same time we are united by high hopes and bright dreams about our future. Let’s support each other and grow together throughout this journey.

Let’s do our best to study hard but also not forget to take good care of our health. University life is not only about attending classes and taking exams. It is also about exploring our hidden talents, passions and finding our true voices so don’t miss out on the opportunity to join various clubs and events that HOSEI University offers as well as building social connections that will broaden your perspective as individuals and create lifetime friendships.

Lastly, I want you to dream big, never settle for less, be ambitious and always strive for the best. Work hard, improve yourself, be grateful for people who always supported you- our families, teachers, university staff and friends. Make a mark on this world, leaving it a better place than you found it! 

Congratulations on joining this prestigious university! Make the most of this rare opportunity!

Thank you for your attention!