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2022 Class Implementation Policy (Update No.1)

News & Event

December 3, 2021

To all students, guardians, and students who wish to study at Hosei University

2022 Class Implementation Policy

President of Hosei University
Katsuya Hirose

Hosei University will conduct classes in the 2022 academic on a face-to-face basis. However, with consideration for the content of our courses, some courses that are believed to benefit from being taught online will be able to utilize this teaching format. In addition, for students who are unable to come to the campuses, such as foreign students who are unable to enter the country, in principle, we will continue to guarantee opportunities to attend online classes even for courses taught in person.

At Hosei University, in the face of the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have transitioned between different teaching formats according to the situation under our activity policy. This has been with the aim of ensuring both the health and safety of student and teachers, and to not obstruct educational research. Based on the status of infections, the take-up of vaccinations, progress in the development of therapeutic drugs, and the effectiveness of infection prevention in face-to-face activities, we have determined that it is possible to continue to pay sufficient attention to infection prevention while conducting our activities face-to-face. We will strive to enable students to carry out fulfilling activities on our campuses.

However, our policies may change depending on infection trends in the future. Should this be necessary, we will promptly make an announcement on our website.