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2021 Fall Semester Class Implementation Policy (Update No. 2) - Class Implementation Policy from October 4 -

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September 24, 2021

To: Current Hosei University students, their parents and guardians

Hosei University

2021 Fall Semester Class Implementation Policy (Update No. 2) 
- Class Implementation Policy from October 4 -

As announced by Hosei University in the 2021 Fall Semester Class Implementation Policy (Update No.1), from the start of the autumn semester on September 17 to October 2 classes are being taught in an online format in principle. Some experiments and practical training subjects, classes with small groups, and lecture subjects have been permitted to be taught in a face-to-face format. At this time, in light of the probability that the state of emergency will be lifted on September 30, that the number of new infections in Tokyo and on campus is on a decreasing trend, and that vaccinations for students and instructors have to a certain extent continued to progress, from October 4 the class implementation policy will shift to one based on a face-to-face format, and classes will be gradually switched from online to in-person.

Specific details about individual classes (whether they are face-to-face or online) will be posted on the Learning Management System.

However, we must continue to be vigilant about the highly infectious nature of novel coronavirus variants (Delta). We wish to encourage students to take part in campus learning based on common-sense practices to prevent the spread of infections.

We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.