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【Important Notice】Plans for Holding Classes at Start of Fall Semester

September 1, 2020

To undergraduate (non-correspondence course) and graduate students,

Hosei University

【Important Notice】Plans for Holding Classes at Start of Fall Semester


On July 27, Hosei University announced its policy for holding fall semester classes, advising that we would hold classes both in-person and online, and that we would determine the level(s) at which fall semester classes would be held in accordance with our Conduct Guidelines to Prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection (hereinafter “Conduct Guidelines”). Accordingly, we have decided to commence fall semester classes as detailed below.

In light of the number of people currently infected with novel coronavirus at the national level, and the increasing number of young people infected, fall semester classes will commence at level 3 as defined in the Conduct Guidelines, after which the level will be adjusted as necessary in response to changes in infection rates.

At level 3, classes will as a rule be held online, but some classes, such as experiments and practical training, will be held in person while taking exhaustive measures to avoid the “3Cs.” Individual faculties and graduate schools will determine which courses will offer classes in person. You should check which classes will be held using the online bulletin board and the learning support system for the courses you are taking. If we decide to relax restrictions by changing this level in line with future developments in the novel coronavirus pandemic, we will allow around two weeks to ensure that everybody is informed before making the change, so please pay attention to notices from the university.

For courses that will include in-person classes, we will also offer online classes for students who cannot come to Japan or to Tokyo, so that such students are not disadvantaged. In conjunction with the continuation of online classes, we will continue to provide the support  the university provided in the spring semester for students who do not have the online access necessary to take classes . Details of this support  are provided on Hoppii ; please follow the required procedures.

When holding in-person classes, the university will of course take all possible measures to prevent infection, such as cleaning (including disinfection), ensuring good ventilation, and avoiding the “3Cs.” However, it is also vital that every single student cooperates by behaving appropriately. Please refer to the infection spread prevention manual we produced for students. Particularly if you will be attending campus, please ensure that you read the manual carefully beforehand and follow its recommendations.

If you have a fever or feel unwell in any other way, please act in accordance with the university’s instructions and refrain from attending campus. The period during which you cannot attend campus will be treated in the same way as “suspension of attendance ” as defined under the School Health and Safety Act; the university will handle absence from classes for this reason in such a way that you are not disadvantaged.