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【Important notice】 Regarding Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)【Updated February 27, 2020】

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To all Hosei students including new enrollees for AY2020, guardians, faculty and staff members

January 31, 2020
Updated on February 27, 2020
Hosei University

In light of the spreading novel coronavirus infection, Hosei University set up a crisis response headquarters on Feb. 19. It will announce on its official website its policies on the holding and rescheduling of university events, its response to this epidemic, and its call for caution.

Since the situation is changing constantly, all students, including new enrollees for Academic Year 2020, and faculty and staff members are requested to check the university’s website regularly for the latest information.

With the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urging caution, all concerned are advised to confirm the latest information from reliable sources, take utmost caution, and behave calmly.

In the event of confirmed infection, please report immediately to the designated officers of your faculty, graduate school, high school, and other organizations or to the University Clinic (Health Office).

1. Cancellation of the 138th Graduation Ceremony (scheduled for March 24)

In light of the growing effects of the novel coronavirus infection in Japan, the 138th Graduation Ceremony originally scheduled for March 24 has been cancelled. Please refer to the notification issued by President Tanaka.

Further information on the method of conferment of academic degrees and related matters will be made available around March 6 on this website or through notices to be disseminated to students.

2. Entrance Ceremony for Academic Year 2020 (scheduled for April 3, 2020) and other events during the academic year

At this point, the Academic Year 2020 Entrance Ceremony on April 3 and the orientation and guidance events before and after the ceremony will take place as scheduled. However, since they are subject to change, all students, including new enrollees for Academic Year 2020, are advised to check the university’s website regularly for notices from the university administration.

3.University events other than the above

(1) Decisions on holding, cancelling, rescheduling, and rearranging all other university events up to March 29 will be made based on the following criteria in consideration of the health and safety of the participants and the need to prevent infection. However, the university’s entrance examinations will be held with due attention to preventing novel coronavirus infection.

Policies on events taking place from March 30 onward will be announced not later than March 20.

 i) Events of a certain size (with 30 or more participants) where there is a strong possibility of the participants’ contact with a large number of people

 ii) Events in which there is a strong possibility of close contact among the participants (such as those involving lodging and eating and drinking)

 iii) Events that involve the participation of a large number of people at high infection risk

(2) The responsible offices shall consider cancelling, postponing, and revising plans for events organized by the university based on the above. The university will update the webpage below constantly to announce events that have been cancelled or postponed. Please contact the organizers or the responsible offices for questions on whether a specific event will be held.

(3) While the University will not require the summary cancellation or postponement of non-university sponsored events organized by students, faculty and staff members, or other university-affiliated individuals, it will ask the organizers to carefully reconsider the necessity of holding such events and make their decisions. If they do decide to proceed with the events, they must take all necessary steps to reduce the risks of infection.

4. Overseas travel

You are advised to cancel any plans to travel to all regions classified as risk Level 3 (“Avoid all travel”) and above in the Overseas Travel Safety Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please also consider cancelling or postponing unnecessary and non-urgent plans to travel to Level 2 regions.
Please refer to the following Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more details:

5. Symptoms and adequate response

Medical reports say that when infected, in addition to fever and respiratory symptoms (coughing), a number of other initial symptoms also occur: e.g. digestive organ symptoms (anorexia, nausea, diarrhea, etc.), cranial nerve symptoms (headache, dizziness, etc.), muscle pain and conjunctivitis.
Please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website for more details.

6. Preventing infection

All students, faculty and staff members are advised to:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or alcohol disinfectant
  2. Observe “cough etiquette”
  3. Avoid crowded places

7.Useful websites: