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Exchange Students for AY 2017 Spring Semester Arrive in Japan

News & Event

Seventy exchange students for the AY 2017 spring semester arrived in Japan and, primarily under the Exchange Students from Overseas Program (ESOP), began their studies at Hosei University. Over three days from April 4 to 6, the University’s Global Education Center held a “Welcome to Japan” orientation session and a welcome party for the new exchange students. Along with other exchange students who arrived last semester and continue to attend the University, the number of exchange students currently at Hosei University totals 101—the University’s highest number of exchange students registered for the same semester.

On the first orientation day, Hosei volunteer students went to each dormitory to meet the new exchange students and showed them the way to school. They had lunch together in one of the University’s student cafeteria, and the volunteer students subsequently took the exchange students on a campus tour. Although the exchange students seemed a little nervous at first, with support from the volunteer students they gradually began to relax, struck up friendships, and got off to an excellent start of their campus life abroad.

Up to now, exchange students at Hosei University have come from 40 universities in the following 19 countries and regions around the world: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Hosei University provides exchange students with a variety of subjects primarily under the ESOP and the Japanese Language Program (JLP). Exchange students with high Japanese skills can take regular undergraduate classes taught in Japanese. Exchange students can experience studying abroad at the University for either six months or one year.


Inbound program coordinator, International Office, Administration Division, Global Education Center, Hosei University

  • Exchange students giving self-introductions at the orientation session

  • Volunteer students and exchange students celebrating their newly formed friendships with a toast at the welcome party

  • Hosei University students and exchange students building friendships

  • The University sincerely hopes the friendships between Hosei students and exchange students continue to grow even stronger.