GIS Open day event (June 23)

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GIS will hold its unique open campus, ‘Open day event’ on Sunday, June 23, 2024, for prospective students, their parents, career guidance teachers, and staff from cram schools and preparatory schools. GIS faculty members will provide detailed explanations about the admissions, including the results of the comprehensive selection process (self-recommendation entrance examination) that was revised last year for students entering in April 2025. Please do not hesitate to attend if you are interested in.

[Date and Location]
June 23, 2024(Sunday) 13:00–16:00 / Ichigaya Campus, Soto-Bori Building, 3rd Floor (S305)

[Target Audience]
・Prospective students planning to enroll in April 2025 (current 1st year and 2nd year high school students are also welcome to attend)
・Parents of prospective students
・Teachers in charge of career counseling at high schools
・Individuals related to cram schools and preparatory schools

[Event Content]
At GIS, we have planned the following program:


Greeting by the Dean


Overview of the Faculty and Explanation of Admissions, focusing on Self-Recommendation Entrance Exam (in Japanese).
 *At the Summer Open Campus events (8/1,10), the full program will be conducted in English.


Interview with GIS Students
~Current GIS students will talk about the appeal of the faculty~


Mock Lecture in English
~Current GIS students will participate! Multiple real-time lectures will be observed~


Consultation sessions at individual booths (GIS faculty members, administrative staff, and GIS students will answer individual questions and concerns).

At GIS, our current entrance examination methods primarily include the general exam, the comprehensive exam, and the school recommendation exam. Last year, we revised our comprehensive exam to evaluate candidates more holistically, therefore assessing not only their current English proficiency but also their potential to improve after enrollment. This change allowed us to accept many students with different backgrounds in April 2024, further enriching the diverse learning environment that has been our mission since our establishment.
With approximately 15 years of experience since our establishment in 2008, we continue to leverage our expertise to develop graduates who are confident global leaders, capable of contributing to international society, regardless of geographical boundaries. They can use English as a common language and possess global-standard knowledge, practical skills, and a forward-thinking mindset. We are committed to further enhancing our support for the post-graduation paths of students, whether they pursue careers in Japanese global companies, foreign affiliated companies, overseas graduate schools, or entrepreneurship.
We hope that many prospective students will understand why GIS conducts our liberal arts education in English and make an application with this knowledge. Upon acceptance, we deeply desire that they will thrive in GIS's enriching learning environment and achieve significant personal and academic growth.

Takamasa Fukuoka
Dean of GIS

Hosei University GIS Office