Graduate Programs

For International Students

Graduate School Admissions

Hosei University graduate schools accept international students through a special entrance examination system conducted through each graduate school. These entrance exams include written and oral components intended to measure the candidate’s Japanese-language proficiency. This is important, because students admitted to the graduate school will find that the vast majority of their classes and research guidance are conducted in Japanese. We therefore recommend that anyone wishing to attend a Hosei University graduate school take the entrance exam only after ensuring that they have adequate Japanese-language skills to succeed in this environment.


The most important thing in your life as an international student is your health. The next most crucial is to study, the primary purpose of enrolling in a study-abroad program. Do your best to understand the graduate school completion requirements, take the necessary classes and obtain the research guidance necessary, and submit your thesis or dissertation. To do this, it is important that you carefully read the curriculum guidelines and syllabus the graduate school provides and approach your studies systematically. If there is something you don’t understand, be sure to talk with someone in the relevant administrative office.

International Student Living

Hosei University has an International Center that can help with all sorts of questions and challenges that international students might face, providing everyday living advice and support regarding (1) visa issues, (2) non-authorized activities, (3) part-time work, (4) resident registration, (5) enrollment in National Health Insurance, (6) assistance with lodging, and other issues.

Health Clinic

Each of the three campuses in Ichigaya, Tama, and Koganei has a health clinic. These clinics offer health exams, treatment, diagnosis, and consultations to students and instructors, and will do their best to help you maintain and improve your health.


Hosei University has no housing designated for international students, but referrals are made to off-campus international student dorms and private apartments through the International Center. There are certain Japanese customs involved in signing a lease and moving into an apartment (such as the payment of key money and a deposit), so students should carefully examine the details of any lease agreement with their guarantor. Once you have been accepted for admission, you should start to look for housing options that suit your budget and lifestyle preferences.
Many international students arriving in Japan for the first time choose to stay for several days in a hotel or at a friend’s house while they look for housing.

Job Hunting

Individuals who wish to stay in Japan and work after completing a graduate school program should visit the career center located on each campus for advice and counseling. The career centers gather information on job openings to share with Hosei University students. They also provide job-hunting advice and hold a variety of events such as a job-hunting exam, interview training camp, and interview skills seminars. If you would like to continue your research activities after completing your graduate program, start by consulting with your research advisor.