Institute for Sustainability Research

Research Institute

This institute was inaugurated as a corporate establishment in 2013. For research tasks, of the research areas covered by the Institute of Sustainability Research and Education, which was open from August 2009 to March 2013, the institute will take over research and projects related to the field of environmental sustainability and work in each of the following fields.
1. The gathering and organization of documents related to environmental problems, as well as the compilation of "A World Environmental Chronology" and "A Comprehensive Chronological Table of Nuclear Power." We will position these chronological tables as foundations and also undertake individual research into the history of environmental problems and the essential tasks within this research.
2. Research into problems concerning radioactive waste predicted to present difficulties when abandoning nuclear power, along with solutions to economic, financial, and employment-related problems in locations where nuclear plants are located. In order to establish research foundations in this field, we will work toward the digitalization of materials gathered through investigations.
3. Understanding trends in energy policy shifts in foreign countries and the logic of policies. We will particularly consider the logic of policies and the lessons from policy processes from countries such as Germany that have taken steps toward abandoning nuclear energy.
4. Construction and implementation support for an "integrated industrialization model" that will promote the industrialization of renewable energy (natural energy). We will conduct research that particularly promotes and supports the efforts of citizen's groups and municipalities in various areas toward industrialization.
5. Research and support for local development through the introduction of renewable energy in areas struck by earthquakes, areas with decreasing populations, and developing countries. We will research local development methods that capitalize on the ripple effect of renewable energy projects.

Regarding these kinds of tasks, we will work in an interdisciplinary fashion based on fields such as sociology, law, social philosophy, and media theory, and aim to disseminate knowledge and proposals with practical effectiveness. In addition, we will propagate a cooperative network of various research organizations, municipalities, and citizen's groups inside and outside of the school in order to share concerns regarding problems. Through newsletters and a periodical titled "Sustainability Research," we will announce our research activities and results.