Research Center for Micro-Nano Technology

Research Institute

Nanotechnology is one of the new technologies that have shown possibilities to overcome the limits of conventional technologies. Many research centers around the world have been actively engaged in the development of nanotechnology.

Hosei University was selected as one of the private universities that receive support from the High-Tech Research Center Project carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In April 2003, we established the Research Center for Micro-Nano Technology in an effort to comprehensively develop and further advance nanotechnology.

Since 2022, we are conducting a new 4-year research project on “3D advanced material processes contributing to the realization of a post-corona sustainable society”.
Utilizing and further developing many seeds that have been created in the past projects of our research center, and gathering new interdisciplinary wisdom, we will solve energy problems, and make effective use of limited resources to realize a sustainable society where industrial development and livable society are in a balanced manner.