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Information on Changes to the AY2020 Educational Schedule (Academic Calendar) and Guidance

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To all newly enrolled students in April 2020, current students, and their families

Information on Changes to the AY2020 Educational Schedule (Academic Calendar) and Guidance

Hosei University

On March 5, you were notified that in light of the growing effects of the novel coronavirus infection in Japan, the Entrance Ceremony for AY2020 would be cancelled. Based on subsequent developments, we have also decided to change the schedule for the new academic year. Please read carefully through the following notice. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.

In making these changes, our top priority has been on the health and safety of new and existing students, teachers, and administrative staff. We are also strongly aware of our social responsibility to prevent the spread of the infection. Accordingly, we have reorganized student ID issuance, the content of student guidance, etc., and procedures and delayed the start of classes from Tuesday, April 7 to Tuesday, April 21 so that students can come to school and attend these preparatory events in smaller groups. The period for student guidance and other preparations for class commencement will therefore be extended out from the original one week to three weeks.

The new schedule is as follows.

  • Student ID issuance, student guidance, and health checks: Wednesday, April 1–Monday, April 20
  • Start date for spring term: Tuesday, April 21

Please read through the notice below and check the website or online noticeboard for your faculty or graduate school to confirm details of changes to the academic year and the schedule of your faculty or graduate school. ​​​​​​

Students should note the following points:

(1) In arranging the schedule for this academic year, the university has done its utmost to set in place the conditions to minimize risk of infection, but we also ask that students too, when you come to school, take all precautions to protect yourselves and others from infection. Particularly if you travelled abroad during the spring break, please act in accordance with the instructions in the “Overseas travel and travel/return to Japan” section noted below for two weeks following your arrival in Japan.

Information for all recipients: I-2. Travel/return to Japan

(2) In some cases, pre-assignments may be handed out via the Internet or other remote means over the April 7–21 period in place of normal classes, so please check your faculty’s website or online noticeboard regularly. (New students will be given further information at the guidance sessions as of April 1.)

(3) If you are a current or new international student who is not currently permitted to enter Japan, please check the following information.

Information for all recipients:  I-3. International students coming to Japan

As the situation with the novel coronavirus infection is changing constantly, the university will continue to monitor developments, and consider, decide, and announce our policies accordingly. As further changes could be made to the schedule, please regularly check the university website and the website or online noticeboard of your faculty or graduate school.

This has been an unexpected start to the new academic year and, for new students, to university life. Many students, both new and current, are undoubtedly feeling anxious. The university will continue to work to set in place the best possible support to ensure a safe and satisfying year ahead for everyone. Be safe, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

To full-time and part-time Hosei University teaching staff
(1) With the changes to the schedule for the academic year and classes now set to start as of April 21, we ask that you look proactively into the wide range of distance education and learning methods available that use, for example, the class support system and online and on-demand learning. The university has resources and information on hand for that purpose, so please contact us at any time.

(2) If you set pre-assignments for students remotely via the classroom support system or online or on-demand methods, etc., over the April 7–21 period, please ensure that all your students receive that information and that students who do not begin their learning until April 21 are not penalized. Please contact your faculty office if you have any questions.