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Information for undergraduate and graduate students intending to graduate in 2020

News & Event

Ⅰ Cancellation of the 138th Graduation Ceremony (scheduled for March 24) (partially revised on March 6)

In light of the growing effects of the novel coronavirus infection in Japan, the 138th Graduation Ceremony originally scheduled for March 24 has been cancelled. Please refer to the notification issued by President Tanaka.

Ⅱ Receipt of Diplomas (Updated on March 23)

Due to the cancellation of the Graduation Ceremony, testamurs will be presented to graduates at the various campuses, including Ichigaya, Tama, and Koganei as detailed below.(Some faculties may decide to send diplomas via post.To avoid infection, the testamur presentations will be dispersed among different times and classrooms for each faculty and department. Details of times and locations have been posted on the websites and/or online noticeboards of the individual undergraduate faculties, graduate schools, etc., so please check the website relevant to you.

However, depending on how the situation evolves, these plans may change, so prospective graduates are advised to keep checking the university’s website, as well as the websites and online noticeboards of the individual undergraduate faculties, graduate schools, etc., regularly and to check any notices from the university administration.

We are also contacting the following individuals separately: the recipients of doctorate qualifications for the current academic year, and representatives of the recipients of master’s degrees, professional graduate schools, undergraduate faculties, and the School of Correspondence Education.

When coming to the university to receive your Diplomas, please pay careful attention to the following points.

  • Please pay sufficient caution to your own health management and to preventing the spread of infection when coming to the university.If you feel you have any of the symptoms listed in II-3 If you suspect you may be infected below, please don’t feel you have to come to the university, but seek instead to receive your diploma by one of the other methods explained on the websites for individual faculties and graduate schools and the web noticeboard.
  • Receive your Diplomas at the designated location and time. Please also refrain from taking commemorative photographs of large numbers of people.
  • From the perspective of preventing the spread of infection, unfortunately, we must ask people other than the graduates themselves to refrain from coming to the university.

We ask all students who returned to Japan from overseas on or after March 10, 2020 to check the precautions for people returning to Japan listed in the link below and not come to the university if it is unreasonable to do so. 

Ⅲ Venues and methods for receipt of Diplomas (Updated on March 13)

Ⅳ Other (Updated on March 23)

(1) Please refer to the below website for details regarding the hosting of the 2019 Hosei University Alumni Association reunion and representative members, and the holding of annual class reunions for graduates.

(2) Rental costumes (hakama, etc.) for Ceremony of Presentation of Degrees (Graduation Ceremony)
If you have applied to rent a hakama at one of the venues operating on campus, please check the following site for details

(3) Handling of Co-op Dues for Hosei University Student Co-operative
Please check the following site for details regarding Co-op Dues for the Hosei University Student Co-operative on campus

Please note

All students graduating and completing course in March 2020 must check the information included in (1) Information for all recipients.