Campus Life

Welfare Programs

Campus Life

Campus Stores/Cafeterias

Consumer cooperatives and other on campus stores provide books, stationery supplies, photography, hairdressing, daily necessities and other products and servers at reasonable prices. Bank ATM corners are also available at all campuses.
Each campus has a student cafeteria, as well as snack bars and tea shops. The menu varies for each campus but the price per meal is approximately 220-500 yen.

Health Clinics

Each campus has its own health clinic which carries out periodic health exams once per year. The clinics also regularly carry out health consultations and guidance, as well as illness prevention, early detection and treatment activities.

Student Counseling Office

There is a student counseling office at each campus which is available to help students with worries and problems about school, the future, interpersonal relationships and daily life. All visits are handled by specialist psychological counselors and psychiatrists. Confidentiality is, of course, strictly maintained.

Harassment Counseling Office

A harassment counseling office is available at the Ichigaya campus to ensure that all students can enjoy a comfortable university life and environment free of harassment. Specialist advisors are provided for consultation on harassment. Students should feel free to go for consultation whenever necessary. All possible precautions are taken to protect privacy.