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Voice : Toru Abdiel Sugiura Talamantes

Voice of International Students

Toru Abdiel Sugiura Talamantes
Global Business Program (GBP)

Why did you choose Hosei University?

All I knew was that I wanted to study somewhere in business. In the case of Hosei University’s GBP program, I was able to freely embark on a broad look at business that would allow me to narrow down what I want to pursue. Furthermore, I was attracted to Hosei’s GBP program because the courses are taught by Japanese professors who know all about Japanese business, which is important for me and for anyone who is interested in working in Japan.
I have found out that everyone here is friendly and helpful. Not only are my fellow international students kind and fun to be with, but also the Japanese students here are very welcoming and warm-hearted. A fun aspect of having friends from different parts of the world is the conversations and experiences we have with each other when we spend time together and the vast cultures we get to share everyday.
I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and become independent. Some good things I have experienced here in Japan that have nourished my independence are: finding my way in Japan’s vast, complicated train system; preparing my everyday essentials like food, laundry and school work; organizing my time everyday to complete all my tasks throughout the day.
After spending some time here at Hosei I have already been exposed to myriads of experiences that are paving the way for the next chapter in my life. For example, in almost every course we incorporate Japanese and other international business themes into each lesson; subsequently, giving me insight on many aspects of business and building a strong interest in the subjects. Furthermore, I think GBP is a great stepping stone for any student whether you know you want to be an accountant, banker or an entrepreneur in the future or even if you have no idea what you want to be. Hosei’s GBP is definitely a place where any student can learn and find where they want to pursue their career in.