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Voice : Kiho Takada

Voice of International Students

Kiho Takada
Global Business Program (GBP)


Why did you decide to study in Japan?

Despite being a Japanese, I was born and brought up in Malaysia all these years. I have the opportunity to experience Japanese education in my early childhood and switched to English International School during high school time. The main reason why I choose to return to Japan for my university education is to experience life in Japan. The United States and United Kingdom have been the traditional destination for majority of university students but for me, Japan Universities are my option since there are many universities in Japan which offer full English courses. I can enjoy the benefit of English education while experiencing Japanese life style in Japan. Hosei University is my choice as the University offers a diverse education environment with many international students coming from different countries and different culture. While I can contribute to the Universities community by bringing in different culture from Malaysia, I can continue to experience the international society environment and experience the life and culture of Japan.

Why did you choose Hosei University?

My international mindedness is one of my greatest strengths. I grew up in Malaysia, a country that has a rich and unique multicultural society. It consists of multiracial communities that practice different religions, speak different languages and observe different traditions. I truly enjoy, celebrate and embrace the culture of different races within Malaysian society and abroad. With my knowledge and life experience, the Global Business Program will enhance my skills to be a strong leader and a great marketer in order to promote and apply the Japanese Management style to an international corporation. I also have a multilingual advantage. While I speak fluent English and Japanese, and other languages. I can use this advantage to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds since the Global Business Program offers the opportunity to students to enjoy active collaboration with others from different backgrounds and cultures. Therefore, I felt that Hosei University and the Global Business Program is the right place for me.

What are good things you experienced after entering Hosei University?

Hosei University is an ethnically-diverse university offers me the opportunity to study and collaborate with different racial and ethnic background. Majority of my classes have an impressively low student teacher ratio which encouraged and pushed to take part and express our opinions. In addition, it allows us to connect more closely with peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing our ideas. This can be beneficial to my future career since majority of it, requires skill working closely and helping each other when it is needed. Aside from studies, there are clubs and societies covering a wide variety of interests available for students to join. Currently, I am not joining any clubs and societies, however I am looking forward joining some clubs from next semester.