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Advanced IT Environment

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The Latest Internet Environments, Hardware and Software Installed throughout the University
Cultivating personnel who can adapt to the next generation

Our university put efforts into information education and research early, and has constructed an advanced network system that ties the entire university together.
We have established an environment which enables unrestricted growth of information utilization capacity using computers.

Hosei University constructed one of the leading advanced information networks amongst private universities in 1997 using high speed and stable technologies. The Ichigaya, Koganei and Tama campuses are tied together with gigabit class, dedicated fiber optic cables with the comprehensive information center at the core, allowing for video conferencing and remote lectures. Each campus is also equipped with wireless LAN hotspots.

An Education Environment which puts Information Media to Practical Use

The Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies was opened in 2005 to promote education and research which utilizes multimedia and provides 3 main services to staff and students: 1. a class support system which provides a study environment that transcends time, space and distance restrictions, 2. development of digital contents to be used as teaching materials, and 3. for remote lectures between campuses and overseas.
A class support system was introduced with the "net2006" system constructed in 2006 which has brought about a single centralized portal site for online syllabuses and material distribution, report submission and provision of test and class information.

University Information Environment

Remote lecture systems are installed in multimedia rooms and main classrooms tying together not only the 3 campuses, but also overseas relays, allowing the systems to implement international remote lectures. Each campus also has wireless LAN access points allowing use of notebook PCs to make network connections in student halls and lounges.
There are approximately 1,200 computers installed in the practical rooms and cafeterias of the 3 campuses. The science departments loan notebook computers to all students which play a major role in students' study, research and information gathering.

Self Study Environments

Students can use computers and networks in information cafeterias and self study rooms for self study of topics assigned to them in class. In addition, wireless LAN access points and information outlet installation locations allow for information gathering for study and research activities via the network by connecting a PC. The computers installed in science department classrooms are equipped with systems allowing them to be remotely controlled from home or research rooms, providing an environment which allows for continued coursework even on evenings and weekends.