Faculty of Sustainability Studies

Undergraduate Programs

The 20th Century saw unprecedented economic growth and material affluence, supported by mass production and mass consumption in a “disposable goods” society. Should matters continue in the same way, the ravaging of the environmental and wasteful use of the earth’s natural resources will bring mankind to the brink of disaster. What is necessary, it is asserted, is that society become self-sustaining.

The Faculty of Sustainability Studies aims at studying this problem of humanity’s harmonious co-existence with its environment and aims at putting this information to practical use.
The curriculum is a two-stage design. The first stage, which aims at deepening our understanding of the relevant problems, focuses on “character formation.” Just as it is useless to have “form” without “substance,” the concepts (i.e. substance) of how one should live in the 21st Century and cultivation of personalities keenly attuned to environmental problems are first considered. This “substance” includes courses in Philosophy, Ethics, Art, Culture, History, Psychology and Life Sciences.
The second stage involves environmental policy, or form. Applications from fields including Law, Economics and Sociology are considered as alternative solutions to environmental problems. These run the gamut from the macro problem of the greenhouse effect to the micro problem recycling of “waste” products.


Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Arts (Humanity and Environment)



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