Faculty of Science and Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

Engineering education of the past responded to “manufacturing” with an emphasis on function. As a result, compartmentalization of the fields of education and research in engineering has progressed and a certain level of results has been achieved in each field. On the other hand, it is true that the traditional study system, which was vertically compartmentalized depending on subjects, was not capable of handling such fields as the automotive or IT industries, where comprehensive knowledge and technologies of machinery, electricity, information, management and others are required.

In the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which makes a new start from the school year of 2008, students will be able to study subjects across departments according to their concerns and needs. We aim at fostering generalist engineers with broader knowledge and technologies while possessing solid basic knowledge of science and engineering.

The primary characteristics are as follows:

  1. cross and inter-disciplinary education system through course settings
  2. basic experimentation to experience and be impressed by natural laws
  3. curriculum to make contact with leading-edge technologies
  4. participatory lectures with problems-solution approach
  5. cultural studies for improvement of creativity
  6. emphasis on practice and introduction of the tutor system in basic subjects in the natural science group.



Faculty Members