Faculty of Letters

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The Faculty of Letters was established in 1922 under the leadership of Nogami Toyoichiro, who studied at the University of Tokyo under the direction of the celebrated critic and writer Natsume Soseki. Besides Nogami, distinguished scholars and men of letters have taught at the School of Humanities, among them Abe Yoshishige, Morita Sohei, Uchida Hyakken, and Watsuji Tetsuro. All contributed to the formulation of the Faculty’s tradition based on the sprit of freedom and progress.

The Faculty has greatly expanded since its establishment, adding new areas of study. At present it has six departments: Philosophy, Japanese, English, History, Geography , and Psychology. Graduates of these departments hold important positions in society, contributing to the nation.

The curriculum has been changed over the years, introducing new courses in response to social need. Classes are usually small and each student can actively participate in class discussions. Although the School of Humanities does not primarily intend to give a vocational training, each department strives to prepare its students for teaching, librarianship, and other areas where they can exercise their imagination and ingenuity.


Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Arts(Letters)



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