Department of Law

Faculty of Law

The study of law is essentially a process of acquiring an understanding of the legal principles in related areas of law such as constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, and commercial law. However rather than merely accumulating theoretical knowledge, the objective of this course is to foster a practical understanding that will enable the students to make rational decisions based on the pros and cons inherent in the variety of legal remedies available to when faced with some of modern society’s many complex legal problems.
A legal education must therefore deepen the understanding of legal principles and, through exposure to a broad curriculum, train students to apply these same principles.

With this aim in mind the Department of Law provides specialty courses centered around the following three main points: a through grounding in the essentials based of law required by all graduates i.e. Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law Commercial Law, etc.; extensive courses dealing with current legal questions brought about by changes in society and courses linking theory with practice; and lectures on the legal profession preparing students aiming for the legal qualification examinations.
We invite legal specialists at the forefront of society to give lectures on how Japan should tackle various issues in internationalization, urbanization and information exchange. Ahead of other universities we have started up courses Real Estate Law, Current Law of Information and on International Human Rights Law, and are broadening various courses to further understanding of the historical, social and philosophical background to the law. Furthermore, we lay special emphasis on computer training in response to the new information-intensive society. The first year consists of introductory lectures on the basics of legal studies, namely, Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law. In the second year, students are allowed to choose courses in their own areas of interests. Thus we provide a distinctively flexible and wide-ranging curriculum combining the required basis of Constitutional and Civil, Criminal Law with free options.

We have also set up five course models as follows: The Court and the Law, Public Administration Policies and Law, Business Enterprises and the Law, International Society and the Law, and culture, Society and the Law. These are designed to help students choose a balanced and systematic set of course options.
We lay special emphasis on the seminar provided in the third and fourth years. In the seminar a small number of students guided by a professor undertake independent specialist research to enhance their legal understanding. The seminar is also invaluable in that it provides for interpersonal communication with teaching staff and seniors.
The Department of Law thus a high regard for the individuality and creativity of each student, and aims to provide an excellent educational environment for a constantly fulfilling student life.