Department of Global Politics

Faculty of Law

Take an Active Role on the World Stage with Independent Personal Ability

In modern society, where the two great currents of globalization and localization are in mutual contention, at question are such issues as how to free society from terrorism and warfare, the dispute over the gap between rich and poor, the clashing sense of values, how to create a society in which a wide variety of people respect their mutual differences, take on resolving issues on a global scale and coexist with each other.

What kind of society should the Global Coexistence Society be? What kind of issues exist in the actual world to prevent the realization of it? What kind of actions are needed to take the actual situation even one step closer to the ideal? The Department of Global Politics aims at fostering individuals who can tackle such questions directly, and who can shoulder a portion of the actions needed for the realization of a better world.

Our hope is to send out global citizens equipped with the ability to demonstrate not only powers of observation or analysis but also creativity, negotiating powers and the ability to execute on Global Issues, along with the sense, intelligence and commitment to aim at realization of a better global society. Our aim to develop ability in English as the international common language, to study rigorously the fundamentals of Global Politics and Political Science, which are essential for resolving international issues, to get a sense, through lectures by persons at the forefront and through internship, etc., of being a part of the actual situation in a wide variety of international societies, and to demonstrate independence and originality through probing deeply on personal research topics.

As for future courses, corporations that are expanding business internationally, public agencies, self governing bodies, mass media, educational fields, international cooperation related fields are being considered; and, in addition, various areas for action are anticipated for ongoing study in graduate schools inside and outside Japan, and pursuit of careers as international civil servants or researchers, etc.

Thorough Fostering of Fundamental Capabilities, Two Specialized Programs

During the first-and second-year, students develop English ability intensively in small groups. During the summer vacation of the first-year, students undergo intensive English training for about two weeks either at Oxford University or University of Southern Philippines. On the foundation of English ability, students begin to study a second foreign language intensively from the latter half of the second year. For specialized subjects in the first-year, through “Overview of International Politics”, students thoroughly learn the basics.

For second- and third- year, specialized subjects are divided into two programs, “Asia Global Politics Program” where, by seeing the realities of Asia, students come to grips with the tasks facing the world, and “Global Governance Program” where students tackle global-scale issues with theory and political measures. In addition to the required seminars, there is a wide variety of unique subjects for learning the theory and practice of Global Politics, such as the “International Practice Program,” where ability to use English is fostered in specialized fields, the “Diplomacy General Program” and the “International Cooperation Program” where persons active in various situations in Global Politics are invited as guest lecturers. The taking of program specialized subjects in common has also begun.

In the Department of Global Politics, while studying topics intensively for each course, students can take subjects offered by the Department of Political Science or the Department of Law, so it’s possible to be equipped with knowledge of 21st Century Global Politics to meet individual interests and future plans.