Faculty of Law

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Hosei University was established in 1880 as Tokyo Hogakusha, literally, the Tokyo School of Law.
Consequently the Faculty of Law is proud of having the longest history and tradition in the university. Its foundations were laid by the distinguished professors Dr. Gustave Emile Boissonade, Dr. Ume Kenjiro, and Dr. Tomii Masaakira, considered the fathers of modern Japanese law.

The faculty’s progressive traditions, characterized by a respect for freedom and human rights, are just as firmly upheld today as when they were first created. As a respect for human rights remains the fundamental principle of modern law, this tradition will continue to be upheld in the future.
With that in mind, the Faculty provides the specialized as well as the basic necessary for a through understanding of our ever-changing, complex, modern society. Traditional courses in the foundations of law and politics are thus augmented by courses which deal with the myriad issues facing contemporary Japanese society such as internationalization, urbanization, the growth of the information society. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for a more international perspective on the legal and political aspects of internationalization and urbanization in Japan.


Degree Conferred: Bachelor of Arts (Law)



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