Department of International Economics

Faculty of Economics

International Viewpoint Indispensable for Issue Resolution in Global Society

As we go into the 21st century, globalization is advancing further and further, and, at the same time, the world is beset with international issues. In this landscape, we in the Department aim at fostering individuals with a sense of responsibility capable of self-identifying as global citizens and playing active roles in international society. After graduation, students are expected to participate actively in corporations, governmental organizations engaged in international business, NPOs, and journalism and mass media based on broad knowledge with regard to the world

Unique Primary Specialized Subjects Composed of Three Subject Groups

In the first-year, Introduction to the World Economy is offered as a subject unique to the Department of International Economics, and great pains are taken to impart concern about the international economy in students. Students therein heighten their basic ability to think for specialized study of the international economy. In addition, specialized subjects are composed of basic subjects, elective subjects and optional subjects, and the primary specialized subjects that characterize the Department are made up of three subject groups, international business subjects, international cooperation subjects and regional studies subjects.

International Business Subjects Group for Analysis of Globalized Business

While globalization is ongoing and the structure of the international economy is undergoing dramatic alteration, reforming the way of doing business by corporations is unavoidable for survival in the 21st C. This Subject Group deals with the international economy and issues involving corporations that play active roles therein, international funds procurement issues, etc. By inviting persons with high-level knowledge who have actual business experience inside or outside the university, we increase the input from the actual business world to sensitively reflect the era and can offer more practical classes.

International Cooperation Subjects Group for Analysis of International Contributions and Network

At present, there is a buildup of international economic issues, as epitomized by the North/South issue. On top of this, the world is demanding greater international contributions and international cooperation from Japan. In this Subject Group, students grapple with such themes as economic adjustment among developed countries in international networks, economic cooperation with developing countries and formation of a new world order, etc. Emphasis is placed on fostering global citizens who can make not only mere economic contributions but also intellectual contributions, such as proposing ideas or political measures.

Regional Studies Subjects for Comparative Analysis of World Economy and Culture

From the viewpoint of comparison, students aim at deepening their understanding of the economies and cultures of each world region. Emphasis is placed on three regions having deep relationships with Japan economically and culturally, that is, North America, Europe and Asia, and consideration is done from various viewpoints. In order to make it possible to master the languages necessary for this purpose (French, German, Spanish and Chinese), any one of these is a required subject as a second foreign language.